Dru- Grade 12

DruDru is a senior, dually enrolled with Hermiston High School and Hermiston ONLINE. Dru originally enrolled in Hermiston ONLINE in hopes to graduate early however she found that “online learning was better suited for (her)” and she was no longer focused on an early graduation.   When asked about the benefits of being enrolled in an online program she cited the flexibility of how she uses her time. Dru says that she has recommended Hermiston ONLINE to friends who have also enrolled and found it to be very beneficial in their educational journey. According to Dru, “Hermiston Online is a very supportive environment and I have had a very amazing last year and a half because of it, the teachers are always willing to help and make things easier if you need, as well as Mrs. Jensen, she has always made sure to help me and keep in touch with me and help to motivate me in my work, honestly one of the best people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting in the Hermiston School District.”