Why Hermiston ONLINE!?

Picture1Imagine a high-quality public school program that offers the innovative use of technology, and a rigorous curriculum from nationally renowned curriculum provider K¹² and numerous Advanced Placement, Foreign Language and Elective class options. This public school program isn’t imaginary—it is Hermiston ONLINE!, and it is available to the greater Hermiston area student population.

Hermiston ONLINE! is an online public school that serves students in grades K-12. When you enroll in Hermiston ONLINE!, you enroll in more than a school. You join an educational support system designed to give your student(s)—in partnership with your family and an Oregon-state certified teacher—a great education.

Not only does a Hermiston ONLINE! education enable your student to explore their interests, and achieve their full academic potential, it also provides a wonderful community and family  experience. Students choosing to enroll in the program will be considered Hermiston School District students and be permitted to participate in co-curricular, extra-curricular, and elective school courses (e.g. band, choir, art, career and technical education), if they desire*. Students will also earn a Hermiston School District diploma and be permitted to participate in graduation activities and events. And because Hermiston ONLINE! is a public school, there’s no cost to you.

At Hermiston ONLINE!, we believe every student can flourish when given the opportunity. If you’re currently home-schooling your student, or are enrolled or considering enrolling in an alternative online school, I encourage you to give our program a closer look. We strive to provide students with a premier public online learning experience. We’re proud of our school’s outstanding parent, community, and faculty support system. It’s a profoundly good choice for families who want to challenge their children to get the education they deserve in a format which may better suit their needs.

On behalf of our dedicated school community, we look forward to welcoming you into Hermiston ONLINE!