Meet Our Coordinator

Josh Browning, Hermiston ONLINE! Coordinator for Hermiston School District, has worked in Hermiston schools since 2008 as a Language Arts teacher. He spent time teaching in both Heppner, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington prior to joining the Hermiston team. Josh has a Master’s Degree in Teaching and Learning from Eastern Oregon University, and earned his initial teaching license at Eastern Washington University.

Josh is a strong supporter of our students and online education, saying, “Having the opportunity available for students to take advantage of online options in rural Eastern Oregon is awesome! This program eliminates many of the traditional barriers that hamper students in rural communities. Blended and online learning are quickly becoming the future of higher education and the workplace; it is exciting that we have the ability to prepare our students to be competent online learners.”

Josh is available in person for course planning, entrance counseling, and student progress tracking. He oversees the ongoing development of Hermiston ONLINE!

Feel free to contact Josh for more information at 541-667-6411 or